Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Eats and Treats

Recipes to come later this week!

I just wanted to show you a quick round-up of vegan-friendly eats and that were enjoyed last night for the Super Bowl.

My Super Bowl buddies and me watched the big game more for the commercials and an excuse to get together, eat and talk about all things possibly football related and not. We made it to halftime with the surprise Destiny’s Child reunion and funky flashing lights during Beyonce's performance. Then there was the big power outage we’ll be hearing about for the next year. Finally, it came down to full bellies and the Baltimore Ravens taking the win.

 Between all of that there was plenty of food for our small group.

It sounded like a Tex Mex-themed kind of night and I threw together smoky Southwestern hummus to be enjoyed with yellow corn tortilla chips. I’ll get the specs on the recipe up as soon as I have time to write it all down. What I can tell you is that this hummus would be yummy on the table next to the chili and wings at any Super Bowl party. Sweet diced peppers with ripe, creamy avocado and tomato blend exceptionally well with the cumin, smoked paprika and coriander spices, just to name a few!

Smoky Southwestern hummus topped with diced sweet peppers, tomato and avocado

 I also made these classic chocolate chip cookies. The ingredients are pretty healthy too!

They turned out soft and chewy and slightly cakey because I replaced some of the oil with applesauce. Who doesn’t love a classic chocolate chip cookie?

Another friend also threw together a unique, but tasty dish with fresh green beans and chunks of pineapple. It was all coated in a glaze of brown sugar, salt and olive oil – some sweet and salty to go along with the smoky.

I brought my Terrible Towel along just for fun. I'm all black & gold at heart. My mom mailed me my Terrible Towel in a care package when the Steelers made it to the Super Bowl my first year out in Montana and I had to break it out.

I’m sure we all ate our fair share of tortilla chips, dips and had a few beers during the game, but that’s what Super Bowl parties are for.

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